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Public Hearing - Co Park Ordinance

NEWS: Bat Friendly Training Conference

  1. Model Forest High Conservation Value Forests
        a.    Cornish Area High Conservation Value Forests
        b.    Lakeside High Conservation Value Forest
        c.    Wawina Peat Lands (Potential High Conservation Value Forest)
  2. Managing Hardwoods
  3. Bird Study
  4. Long Lake Conservation Center (LLCC)  Demonstration Forest Management Plan
  5. Aitkin County Comprehensive Recreational Trail Plan
  6. 2017 - 2022 Candidate Timber Stands
        Right click and 'save target as' to a folder on your computer, then run the file from that folder
  7. Geocaching in Aitkin County 2017 challenge - all new
  8. Land Classification on Aitkin County Tax Forfeited Lands by Township in 2014
  9. Article in Duluth News Tribune by Mark Jacobs
        Local View: Collaboration is needed to protect bats and have responsible forest management.
  10. Slide show of Bat Presentation - 7-15-2014 by Tim Sichmeller
  11. 1969 Tornado - YouTube Video  Tornado - funnel cloud
  12. Bats and Forest Management - YouTube
  13. Land Classification on AitkinCounty tax forfeited lands in 2015
  14. Ash workshop - 2013 - YouTube