Aitkin County Government Center Update

Progress towards the new Aitkin County Government Center continues, updates and milestones are listed below.

  • The “Old Jail” building has been demolished and the rubble has been hauled away.  A before and a couple of after pictures are attached, we will be adding pictures to future updates so the progress can be monitored.
  • A current site picture would not show much as the work being done now is mostly at or below grade level.
  • The footings are partially in, the footing for the West end of the new addition will be poured when compaction is completed.
  • Since the new addition will be attached to the existing building, demolition and debris removal can only be done from the east end and move to the west, proximity to US Hwy 169 is another factor keeping removal going in that direction.
  • Because being able to move debris and bring in clean fill in one direction, all remaining debris, clean fill and compaction must be done before the west end footing can be poured.
  • Within the next two weeks, expect the following;
  • Footings to be completed.
  • Stub utilities into the new addition.
  • Block work for the foundation walls to start.
  • Longer term, expect;
  • Complete block work for the foundation.
  • Backfill around the foundation.
  • Erecting the structural steel will then start.
  • The Courthouse and all county offices will remain open during all regular business hours, please check signage for parking and building entrances to use.  Depending on the construction schedule, public and staff will be directed to proper building entrance and exit points.
  • As always, safety is the main concern, please watch for signage and feel free to call ahead to the office you are visiting when coming to the Courthouse.



Aitkin County Government Center Floor Plan, Third Floor

Attached are the floor plans for the third floor of the new Administrative Building.

  • County Administration, Human Resources, Economic Development, Training Room and the County Boardroom will be relocated to the third floor.
  • The Mothers Room will be located near the Women’s Restroom on the third floor, giving staff and citizens a private place to nurse.
  • The Training room is next to the County Boardroom and will be configured to open up and allow for a large meeting space.
  • The Employee Break Room will be on the third floor.


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