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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The GIS Office serves all county departments' spatial data needs as well as the citizens and businesses of Aitkin County. Some basic functions of the GIS Office in Aitkin County are as follows; mapping of all tax parcels, providing county staff and the public access to the GIS data via a customized GIS web mapping application. Maintenance of the E-911 Rural Addressing System, including address assignment for new construction and mapping of all new roads, updating the Dispatch Mapping Software with current GIS data and maintenance of the Master Street Address Guide (MSAG). And providing maps, analysis, and tabular and digital data to county departments, citizens and businesses who have a need for spatial data. Estimates are that 80% of all data collected and stored by county government has a spatial component.

Aitkin County's GIS incorporates software that utilizes current Geographic Information Systems technology. Data can be provided in a tabular or graphic format by printed or digital media. Tabular data is information regarding an area in a database format, graphic data is a map of the area. The two formats can be saved to a digital file that meets the user's needs or can be printed as a spreadsheet or a wall map. The data can then be transferred by mail via CD, FTP, e-mail, or can be retrieved at the office on the second floor of the county courthouse. For further information please visit or call the GIS Office @ 218-927-7391 or send an e-mail.

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